Loved it! Fish boxtroll looked like dad from proud family, and Simon Pegg played jelly guy. Excellent

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Sittin in theater waiting for Boxtrolls to start. :D Excited!

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So who wants to be my friend on wii u

I have the mario karts, we race ja

ID is, as always, Teowli.

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My birthday is tomorrow. Gettin ancient aw yeh

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I say that but I’ve been sitting on my copies of Fatal Frames 2 and 3 for probably over a year now because I am a giant scaredy-baby. ;_;

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Anonymous asked: “OOooo gurl, soon I will steal that game from you. You won't even see it coming! >B]”

Psssssh, you’ve still gotta beat Haunting Ground and that copy of Fatal Frame I gotcha, girlie. >:B

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Leon in Resident Evil Damnation

Part 4/?


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